The Soul

The Soul

The Soul is the ethereal body. It is like a container that can hold the evil or the spirit. The soul is the element that remains alive after we physically die, traveling somewhere in the universe to different dimensions. Some experiments made by Russian scientists in the past and in 1901 by the American scientist Duncan McDougal in regard to the weight of the soul after experimenting with tuberculosis patients. This experiment was conducted by placing the about-to-die individuals on a scale and observing their weight before and after their death; however, the conclusions are not totally convincing, but they indicate that the soul has a weight of about three-quarters of an ounce. Some scientists agree and some other disagree about this statement ending in an inconclusive validity; nevertheless, weightless or not, through our intuition, the soul is part of the human creation.

The Soul is the ethereal human being who uses a physical package form to become a thinking person, ideal or common. The nature of a human being cannot be detected through the common senses that we use in our three-dimensional world. If the soul is separated from the physical body it would return to live in another physical body (reincarnation) only if it is prepared for it, if not, it goes to a waiting period for another chance of learning that might occur in days or in eternities, before it has a chance to return to fill another physical body (1 Corinthians 15:44-46). The soul separated from the earthly body goes to another dimension to gather with different other souls of higher energy to help the arrangement for the next reincarnation with the purpose to experiment life (not necessary on earth) and in that manner to ascend at a higher ranking of souls. Then, the soul that occupied the body in a previous life is not the same as the person we knew on earth (1 Corinthians 15:51). It is only those souls that have not transcended to that level yet, for any reason, the ones that mediums claim to have access to. Those souls might have died accidentally or have some unsolved matters on earth that keep them from leaving completely, either to wait for the next already decided reincarnation or to plan for their next one to come. In other words, if the soul has transcended to the higher realm, so it is not in between this material life realm and its final destiny, limbo, it is unreachable. This idea makes it difficult to believe that some medium reach every single soul at any attempt because, let us say, if the soul has had several reincarnations, it would have to select the body with which it existed on earth and who was related to the one the medium is looking for. At this moment the soul is like a ball of fire, like the flame of a candle with no emotional attachments to any previous incarnation, just with the level of consciousness gained after spending those lives on earth as a human being.


The invisible body; the ethereal body of our being contains either of two elements: the spirit in the case of a saint or evil in the case of a demon or a combination of the two in the case of the common human. In the first case we experience the emerging of love and in the second case, the emerging of hate. In the common human we have a battle of dominance between these two forces which occurs hundreds of times daily, in other words we fluctuate or flip-flop between one and the other state. When our soul’s predominant element is the spirit, we have a direct contact with God; here is where the contained element in it is love, giving the initiation or continuation of consciousness into our mind, and the first step to the journey of becoming a saint. When our soul predominant element is evil, we have a direct contact with Satan and the contained element in the soul is hate, giving the initiation or continuation of ego into our mind, and the first step to the journey of becoming a demon. In the common human there is a continuous fluctuation between consciousness and ego; that is why we are good with some (usually with our family, friends or some who we prejudice) and bad with others (usually with our enemies or with people we also prejudice)—either of these forces get into our soul through the mind but just as a guest, not as a dweller, until we decide which of the two forces will reside in it. This manifestation of uncertainty reveals the existence of a self-decision process to determine what dwells in the soul. That is the reason why we were created with a free will, otherwise we would be called robots instead. This isolated idea is why our relationship with God is like a silver string that connects us with him or the strong gold pillar that connects us with earth. Then the relationship God-human resembles a pendulum, swinging closer to good or closer to bad. Imagine a long string to your being from the existence of God, you are pending from God above the earth, this is when your predominant feeling is love—the falling angels were pending this way. When we sin, we disagree with God, we are in rebellion against him, then the communication with him is disrupted and we are subjected to the force of gravity from earth, in other words we are grounded, becoming like a metronome with a tick-tack of an earthy music; we are still in the same position but not pending yet, but supported from earth by a similar imaginary line sitting on a pedestal of gold that ascends as our ego grows, in this case separated from God, here your predominant feeling is hate. Generally, in the common human, the soul is seeking a point of balance jumping from evil to its opposite which is the spirit when we are undecided about which way we want to belong, both guests in the soul, making the human being eternally battling between good and bad with attempts to become an ideal human. It is not until we decide which way we want to go that our soul evolves in the direction of perfection or devolves in the direction of imperfection. This decision is difficult to make, because if it were so simple, so would be the answers to our problems which are the reasons why we are discussing them now. We have temptations, so we want to have the power of solving our own problems, but every time that we look for power, our ego becomes more important and grows while ascends as if reaching for God, but instead it reaches to a god-like condition, defeating our original purpose of solving our own problems. This is a proof that even at looking for our own solutions, we can be trapped into ourselves, looping spirally downward and sinking further into oblivion. So if we need answers, look for them with love which in turn manifests itself as patience in the realm of the physical world. We have to live our physical form, reflecting our mind in our ethereal body and vice versa.

The soul is energy, shaping the ethereal body like a container that can hold the evil essence or the spirit. The soul is the element that remains alive after we die, traveling somewhere in the universe through different dimensions or remaining in the same one.

The soul is the individual, but once it is attached to a body it becomes the human with all the historical data relevant to that particular being. This means that when the soul detaches from its human package at death and it is not in its original human environment, it continues to exist, not as it did in the body it left, but in a different form. If it traveled outside such environment, it became the original energy that previously decided to take the particular human shape in order to learn important development for its attunement, but containing all memories related to all its previous reincarnations.


The Brain and Body

The brain is the organ, the hardware (the computer) that is operated by the mind (the software that identifies a person). The brain is the physical operations department, the upper part that directs the body. It weighs about 3 to 3½ pounds and contains about 15 billion of memory cells connected themselves by their dendrites (branches) to their synapses (joints). From the point of conception, the nervous system is formed within 21 days of gestation, then the brain starts developing for 14 days from that point. The gestation process completes the nervous system after 20 weeks of conception. A mystery for scientists is, if the number of neurons, calculated to be about 15 billion, we only use about 5% of them, processing about 3 billion stimuli when awake to 21 billion stimuli when engaged in severe activity and thinking, why do we need so many neurons? Obviously that we forgot how to use a higher percentage because we do not know how to apply it for out-of-body experiences, premonition, telepathy, teleportation, healing, mental kinetics, etc., but they are ready to be used. The brain weights about 2% of the total body weight; however, it consumes 20% of the total supply of oxygen and glucose in the bloodstream, after the system has processed minerals, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, glucagon, insulin, protein, carbohydrates, etc. On average, the heart pumps from 7 to 11 pints (1 pint = 473.176 milliliters) of blood over to 60,000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries that reach the whole human body. This amount of blood contains an average of 25 trillion red cells plus 25 billion white cells. Red cells have an average life cycle of 120 days to carry oxygen and white cells have a life cycle of 12 hours to fight invasive organisms. The white-blood cells are the cells of the immune system (The immune system is composed of many organs in which the most voluminous are the colon, the splinter and the liver) that are involved in protecting our body from infection diseases and foreign invaders. Two thirds (66%) of the blood is water. During an average age, we breathe about 500 million times. A baby has 306 bones and an adult about 206 bones, with 650 muscles and over 100 joints. The average man has 20 square feet of waterproof skin with 4 million receptors in it to protect us from the elements. We consume about 50 tons of food and 11,000 gallons of water during a lifetime.

It is an attribute of the brain to vibrate at different frequencies or states, being four, the principal ones: Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta waves.

Delta waves cover from 0.99 to 4 Hz. These frequencies occur at the moment of profound sleep. When we experience dreams, these low frequencies vary within its boundaries. Here is where out-of-body experiences may occur. Sleeping is the time when the brain restores itself, making the pertinent connections necessary to maintain a normal brain functioning. At this time, any emotional or psychological disturbance that occurred during the day or in a previous, conscious experience compensates itself in a form of a dream. This action repairs the damaged connections, the psychological traumas of the previous day so if it is not much to repair, then not much dreams are needed. The dreams are impulses from our brain or from unconscious mind or both that converge to a stage of reparation, so the brain translates them into images, sometimes not directly related to the real motive, giving origin to dream interpretations, decoding their images to ideas and meanings.

Theta waves cover from 4 to 7 Hz. This is the state in between awareness and sleepiness. This is when dreams, problem solving, new ideas, sparks of knowledge, etc., occur. Usually if we do not record the information obtained in this state, we forget it.

Alpha waves cover from 7 to 14 Hz. These frequencies are relaxing, passive, meditative, waves of the brain optimum to learning activities. Here is where we, if we were ready, can receive the lighting of God’s energy. See the Meditation section in this chapter.


Beta waves cover from 14 to 140 Hz. These frequencies show at a normal conscious moments of daily life. Obviously this stage covers all of our intensities while we conduct our regular lives, with varieties going from happiness, extended to excitement, anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, hatred, depression, etc. Here is where our sub-conscious mind is written by intruders, disturbing our peace.

This mini-fact spark of information is just for us to know how complicated our body is and how grateful we should be to have it functioning in good health. If you checked the “Symbolism and Numbers” section of chapter four, you will find some curiosities in regard to numbers.


The brain enables humans to learn through all the sensorial capabilities presented to us, being the basic modes: visual, tangible, olfactory and auditory with combinations between them that educators have been using to teach billions of students around the world, for centuries. Obviously that memory can be triggered in many more ways and people like Edward L. Bernays knew about it, creating vast ways of influencing entire generations of people all over the world by just mere subliminal suggestions propagated successfully through radio, TV, newspapers, cinematography, memes, etc. Later, his methods were practiced by [1]Adolf Hitler through his minister of propaganda, [2]Paul Joseph Goebbels to completely dominate the German population. In the present, big corporations spend billions of dollars to publicize their products through the entire media. Also, politicians who seek power or who are already in power use the same tactics to influence the public to favor their elections. If they did not know about the secrets of turning the opinion of the public through mental manipulations like suggestions, sublimation and hypnosis, they would not spend time, money and effort in this practice. They know that the mind is suggestible, hypnotizable to finally controllable. Few are the politicians who do not rehearse their moves in order to affect us with false ideas covered as good ones; few are real, but, in the background of their knowledge, people, through their intuition, perceive the real ones. Using these methods of publicity and propaganda, few people of power, dominate entire nations moving their attention from Beta to Theta, Delta or Alfa. In other words, we are kept unaware of reality through entertainment in the form of movies, sports, terrorism, pornography, music, religion, technology, etc. or by extreme work to keep the other group of skeptical people busy thinking about how to pay for the elevated prices of fuel, food, housing, etc. away from thinking about ourselves and our problems. These fluctuations of mood keep our hormonal levels unbalanced originating real illnesses or psychosomatic ones on entire populations. Hormones like adrenaline, serotonin and melatonin stimulate our pleasure center too frequently, putting it out of control. Melatonin is the hormone that stimulates the body to keep us sleep at night. This is converted into the pineal gland from its form as serotonin which is a hormone that keeps us alert during the day by reacting to the sunlight. When we eat too much carbohydrates, alcohol or sugar, we may be suffering from a reaction of an external stimulus that triggers our system to balance a low-serotonin level. The brain sends a message to the liver to release more insulin. This unbalanced hormonal level creates sicknesses of its own, for which we visit a doctor who prescribes legal drugs to cure these problems—to hide the symptoms only, I should have said—causing some severe side effects that create more imbalances that finally lead to operations in general, more sickness, more visits to the doctor, etc. This scenario is explained in the writings by [3]Diana Schwarzbein and [4]Nancy Deville.—At least that stimulates the economy, the politicians might think.


Brain Exercise One

When I was a young man, I believed for many years that I had a poor memory and to improve, I thought it was impossible. Well, as you know, if you believe something about yourself, that becomes true. In 1981 I found a way that changed my mind with great impact, and it was the method written by [5]Robert Montgomery. His great method changed my destiny since I was thinking about a way how to improve my memory, but when I found this man, I did not need to reinvent the wheel in this area, just to follow his method.

Paraphrasing his method in his book “A Great Memory”, consists on putting images to a list of numbers between 1 to 100 forming a block like a mental box, then to attach an image or idea that you decided to remember to each number and idea of the mental box, commingle them into a quick story that could come to mind easily. Example of a mental box: 1-gun; 2-glue; 3-flying bird; 4-table (legs); 5-glove; 6-fix; 7-store (7-11); 8-ape; 9-canine; 10-pen.

The list is longer, but just for the example I just give you up to 10. Now, let us say that you have a list of things you are doing in your day off: You need to change the tires of your car, buy some paper for your printer; call your brother; take your wife’s car for an oil-change; investigate about a charge in your bank account that you do not recognize. First put things you can do in the same area, together. Second attach numbers like this: 1-gun. Think about loudly firing your gun shutting to the middle of two very small tires, then put 2-glue them to some giants drops of oil on top of your wife’s car then, you see a 3-bird, flying eagle dropping rims of paper on top of the bank 4-table legs that break for the weight of the tires, the car, the paper, so you need to call your brother from the bank to help you out with your problem.

The Pleasure Center

[1] Adolf Hitler (Braunau, Austria 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; NSDAP), Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer (“leader”) of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of the Holocaust.

[2] Paul Joseph Goebbels (29 October 1897 – 1 May 1945) was a German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. One of Adolf Hitler’s close associates and most devoted followers, he was known for his skills in public speaking and his deep and virulent antisemitism, which led to his supporting the extermination of the Jews in the Holocaust.

[3] Diana Schwarzbein is the founded of the Endocrinology Institute of Santa Barbara, California in 1993. She specializes in metabolic healing, metabolism, diabetes, osteoporosis, menopause and thyroid conditions.

[4] Nancy Deville is a coauthor of numerous bestselling health books, including Tire of Being Tired. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.

[5] Robert Montgomery an international speaker and trainer on sales, memory, public speaking, listening and motivation.




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