The Uncommon Common-Sense of Conquering Yourself


HATE is a negative feeling of the mind that is gestated in our soul, making a person unhappy, envious, malicious, and revengeful. Hate does impose itself, insists on its own way; it does rejoice at wrong and it rejects the right. Hatred is like a worm that gets under our skin looking for residence in our inner self. Hate is like a demon that, after finding residence in our mind, becomes very sophisticated enticing us by turning itself undetectable, creating concealments so it could penetrate our soul and invade us with the negative essence of Evil that most of us have fed for many years, but before us, humanity itself did it for millennia when unconscionably our parents taught us the way to do it, because they were already invaded by this energy. That is why hatred becomes more sophisticated and uses different masks such as rancor, which in turn becomes even more subtle taking the forms of frustration, resentment, disillusion, deception, depression, doubts, sadness, negativity, fear, wonders, worries, etc., becoming more difficult for us to deal with it after it turns into a major problem because we do not accept that we have been possessed by something different (opposite) to God, and we create excuses, pretexts, justifications why we frequently hold this position against our creator. We take refuge in the form of indulgences and soon we find our immediate force of control: power.

When we experience any of these negative feelings, we are deceived and think we have all the right to be mad, so we want to get revenge and punish the perpetrator, whoever or whatever they represent. We react this way, many times in our mind, and we also do this in the physical-present instant. At this moment, we have a dilemma of possible consequences given that if we react violently towards the subject like a criminal, we might get punished by society, but if we just punish the subject in the comfort of our mind, then we think safely because we are not exposed to external judgment; however, this action derives energy within our physical body guiding us to distractions, indulgences, and later to physical illnesses called psychosomatic illnesses. And when we have accepted this condition, we have to justify it and through this, we obtain temporary satisfaction, subsequently temporary pleasure, and then the compulsion to obtain it again, which becomes the food of our evil nature that we already mentioned before. And as we need food to nurture our physical bodies daily, so we need to nurture our soul daily. Once we have a negative soul, our negative feeling called hatred is also consumed daily by it which to remain alive, it needs to find a new source of food daily to satisfy itself. That is why we need to feed our evil nature by hurting others through criticism, condemnation or any form of destruction, frequently, in similar manner we need to hurt our bodies in the form of tattoos which is a physical mutilation or alteration of the normal body form—and the preparation for the satanic mark in our body. In some religions and cults, these physical self-punishment are practiced in the way of kneeling for long periods of time or self-applied slashing with the intention of compensating their fault with physical pain, soothing the punishment from the deity of his own. Some other form of auto punishment is done by the consumption of any substance to alter our own mind like alcohol or drugs. The evil soul feeds from corruption and sin to grow and to evolve to a new form of darkness, a mutation of evil. Some people call these intangible forms: emotional vampires, emotional leeches, emotional living-dead, demons of a 3rd, 2nd and 1st kinds, etc. The effect that hate provokes in ourselves reflects in different other dimensions of our own being, creating a cascaded-damaging effect to the corresponding levels of human existence. This starts with the soul, then it drips its influence to the mind and it is embraced by the body. Hate is the force, the bonding energy that makes all these feelings attract to each other to form a unity of unhappiness.

An excerpt of the book “The Uncommon Common-Sense of Conquering Yourself”. You can find it on


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