Copa America Deception-Must Include Some Realistic Rules.

Copa America Deception, One More Time

California, June 27, 2016

The Copa America ended yesterday with a great deficit in public satisfaction. For the second consecutive time the Copa America final game ended its score in zero and the champion had to be defined by free kicks, throwing a champion in a final game summary as if it were a US Supreme Court decision after the public had decided a bill. The public is very important. Let us provide what the fans are expecting which is a good and fair entertainment moment in their life aside from the injustices they experience daily in life.

In this tournament amidst all the incongruous rules, there are two important ideal additions to the existing rules of this game that would affect the influence of a bad decision by a referee, first, the logical  inclusion of two more referees into the grassed rectangle. This would avoid the protagonist referee who is looking for world recognition in each action he incurs, losing concentration in each intervention; also it would avoid mistakes of any kind while two more people would get involved in the decision of any difficult situation as it was the illegal goal of England vs. Germany in the world cup of 1966 in Wembley or the illegal goal of Maradona against England in the world cup of 1986 or the illegal goal that eliminated Brazil against Peru in the recent Copa America 2016 that could have never happened if the main referee, the added assistant and the lineman would have seen the action, alongside with the assistant of the cameras that in this case did not play a roll of importance at all, for other reasons than justice, but that requires a different topic at a dirrent time.

The second addition to the rules is the immediate replacement of an expelled player in a game. This rule would keep the balance of the game at least active as if the leg-amputee had a prosthesis instead of walking with crutches. It would keep the subject walking, at least, even though not at normalcy. Other rules should be added, but I only want to concentrate in the most elemental ones, those that bring the deepest deceptions of all.

If this game continues with stagnate rules as it has been for decades, it will continuously bring deception instead of satisfaction to the fans who expect good performances, not dramatic results in each and every game of a football (soccer) tournament.


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