The Newest Predator


The New Predator

May 26, 2007 on 1:11 pm | In political | No Comments

Venezuela is experiencing a difficult time when its dictator Hugo Chavez is closing Radio Caracas. It is ludicrous that in this era of globalism and high technology we have people with retrograde minds like his. It is well-known that the saying “people deserve their government” is a very real thought in any part of the world. But in South America, a group of countries so closed to the U.S. is more inconceivable to see this kind of atrocities.

Chavez is following the steps of another dictator, Castro, whose the clemency of time is charging him for justice If he is not dead yet, he is very close to be consumed by the maggots he deserves.

Chavez is incapable of doing anything from his own opinion. He only searches for power to balance his inferiority complex, and in that way, compensates for his lack of character. But the most serious situation is that Venezuela is losing its freedom and hegemony. If they don’t open their eyes, their country will succumb to the most perverted of all causes, communism.

I hope that those people who still have some integrity in Venezuela would open the mind of the rest of the population and start a resistance against this tyrant. His insatiable thirst for power is on the go and like a recent-littered hyena over its new prey, he will never stop his relentless desires for the destruction of democracy.

Wake up Venezuela ! The new predator will eat you alive just one second before you lose consciousness, if you let him.

When I wrote this paper, I did not have any idea that we would have the same negative soul as the leader of a great nation like The United States of America, who would do things like Hugo Chavez, with the difference that he is doing them at a higher scale and with a more profound impact. Would you imagine what would your wife say if you told her that she is beautiful and smart, but you would like her to change herself fundamentally? That is what Hussein Obama said he would do to the USA, to change it fundamentally. And his promise has being fulfilled. We have been fundamentally changed. God bless America.


3 thoughts on “The Newest Predator

    1. I think that Maduro is a continuation of Chavez in a post-hypnotic sense. He is worse than the real thing because Maduro is an emotional follower who thinks in terms of “what would Hugo do in this situation” instead of his own thinking and to the best for his country. I wrote about Chavez in 2006, and left it posted just to see the development of our own political experiences in the US, because I see that the same scenario is happening here. We have a dictator in process! Since, to become one, you have to adore yourself first, more than anything else in life.

    2. Our president Obama has a deep fascination of himself. His offspring was of a complete acceptance from his grandparents and obviously, as it is in these cases of narcisism, the victim hates his enablers for lieing to him. He, now has regretions to his childhood and when anyone opposses him, he gets impacted. In a subconscious retaliation, a person with power can become a tyrant.

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